How Big is Small,


Defining your Target Market: How BIG is the Small Business Market…

Is your best customer a small business If so, how BIG is your market,

If your company targets the small business, have you ever stopped to really quantify what the “small” business target market means to YOUR business,

Out of the approximately 28 million companies in the United States, you may be surprised how many companies fit into your target market.

The Small Business Administration defines small business as companies with under 500 employees. Believe it or not, if you target “small business”, you’ve just targeted 99% of all businesses, because by this definition, almost all of the businesses in the USA are small!

Don’t believe me, You can take a look at the breakdown of the raw numbers from the Small Business Administration’s count from 2006, which is the most recent numbers with all the breakouts by employees.

So, maybe you’re targeting the medium-sized small businesses, Is SMB what you mean, Confusion of the term small and medium sized businesses (SMB)

If you are a B-B marketer, do you market to the small business, Let me know by leaving a comment below.

About Chris Brown: Since 1998 when she started her marketing firm, Chris has helped small and medium sized companies with improve their marketing to get better sales results. For 17 years prior to that, she helped large Fortune 500 companies with their marketing efforts. She likes making a difference and sharing her knowledge. Read more at her company website

Author Bio: After selling Marlow Surgical Technologies, Kip Marlow acquired “The Entrepreneurs Club of America” as a way to share his passion for entrepreneurship, networking and life-long learning.

In January of 2010 Kip began yet another new venture, radio broadcasts. His radio guests include impressive entrepreneurs who share their experiences, and stories of success and sacrifice.

Between Entrepreneurs Club Radio and our website we reach and teach thousands of small business owners and entrepreneurs every month. Join our informative discussions every Monday at 4 pm. on welw.

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