Bannon’s comments ‘he learned to fear Muslims while he visited Pakistan’


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White House Chief Strategist, Steve Bannon’s interview in which he stated ‘he found out to fear Muslims whilst he visited Pakistan’ has raised a variety of questions as consistent with a report by The Intercept the US authentic in no way visited Karachi besides he changed into possibly in Hong Kong.

Bannon’s personal narrative approximately how he came to worry Muslims is politically essential. He is one of the maximum brazenly anti-Muslim officials in US President Donald Trump’s chaotic entourage and is said to have overseen the drafting of the controversial Muslim travel bans that Trump issued in his first weeks in office.

According to The Intercept, Bannon advised the journalist Joshua Green, whose new book about President Donald Trump’s senior counselor is a pleasant-seller, “It became now not difficult to look, as a junior officer, sitting there, that [the threat] changed into simply going to be huge,” Bannon said. He went on:

We’d pull into an area like Karachi, Pakistan – this is 1979, and I’ll by no means neglect it – the British guys came on board because they still ran the port. The city had 10 million people at the time. We’d get obtainable, and eight million of them needed to be below the age of fifteen. It was an eye-opener. We’d been other places like the Philippines wherein there was mass poverty. But it turned into not anything just like the Middle East. It becomes just a whole eye-opener. It becomes the alternative stop of the earth.”

There have been few troubles with Bannon’s model as the port of Karachi was no longer run by way of the British in 1979.

Karachi, which is the industrial hub of Pakistan, had a populace that was properly brief of 10 million (it was about half of that) and is not typically considered part of the Middle East.

But the largest problem is that the destroyer Bannon served on, the USAPaul F. Foster, in no way visited Karachi whilst Bannon was aboard.

The vessel did no longer prevent at Karachi at some point of its 1979-1980 deployment, six sailors who served on the Foster with Bannon told The Intercept.

Also, a map of Foster’s port calls that become published in its “cruise book” indicates stops in Hawaii, Guam, the Philippines, Christmas Island, Hong Kong, and Singapore — however no longer Karachi.

Bannon has drawn a large amount of grievance for his exclusionary stances on race, faith, and immigration.

It seems feasible that Bannon may additionally have consciously or subconsciously transposed the non-Muslim crowd he saw in Hong Kong and turned it into a Muslim crowd he did now not see in Karachi.

This increases the query of whether Bannon’s underlying tension arises less from a hazard purportedly presented by using Muslims and more from a fashionable anxiety approximately non-white foreigners, whether or not Muslim or Buddhist or any religion, The Intercept report concludes.


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